A Recognition of our History

Beyond the testimony of each person who has undergone a process of development with us, Hogar de Cristo has a large list of awards, both nationally and internationally, to validate the impact and importance that the organization’s work has had on the needy.

“By their fruits ye shall know them,” the Gospel says. The 39 years of work, service delivery and Hogar de Cristo has been recognized with the following awards and decorations: EscucharLeer fonéticamente


World Habitat Award granted by the United Nations, through the Building and Social Housing Foundation of England, the best public housing project.


Honorable Mention delivered by National Congress President Mr. Juan José Pons at a ceremony in Congress Presidents Hall.


Honorable Mention awarded by the Guayaquil Chamber of Construction in recognition of 30 years of work in benefit of the homeless and most needy.


“Business Excellence” recognition awarded by the IDB Village Banking Program for outstanding service to the needy of the Ecuadorian coast.

“Dr. Alejo Lascano Bahamonde” honor given to Brother Roberto Costa, issued by the Ministry of Social Welfare in recognition of charitable, humanitarian work.


“The Important Sculpture” prize awarded by the Valenciana Editoral Press, Levante- EMV newspaper editor.

Civic recognition by the Guayaquil Municipality, granted by the I. M. Cantonal Council of Guayaquil, for the altruistic mission carried out in the span of 36 years.

Since October 2009 the Jesuit priest Eduardo Vega Lozano, new General Director, has had the great challenge of realizing Hogar de Cristo’s mission and institutional vision. However, we cannot conclude this chapter in the history of Hogar de Cristo without thanking Uncle Paco, who is joining us from Heaven, and Brother Roberto Costa, who germinated the seed sown by our founder.


About Hogar de Cristo - Ecuador

Cuenta manejada por el departamento de Comunicaciones de Hogar de Cristo, Ecuador.
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