Our Team

At Hogar de Cristo, each team member is considered a “talent” and not just a “resource.” The people who make up the Corporation are not only valued according to our work but also to our potential, creativity and pro-activity to establish more types of contribution, relationships and ideas.

We seek to generate the maximum development of each of our human resources employees’ capabilities. We primarily promote the social vocation of the essence of service, critical thinking and commitment to social reality, the dissemination of principles and values, respect for difference, and the formation of spaces for participation, among others.

Since we are a social network conducted by the Society of Jesus, we always try our to make sure our employees not only feel part of a team but also we serve, regardless of the responsibilities that we, people living in poverty, vulnerability and exclusion.

It is a vocation of service and solidarity with the poor, which should make us feel like “a fire that ignites other fires” and joins other lights aimed at breaking the darkness of the enormous social darkness that surrounds us.

The Hogar de Cristo staff is made up of 346 employees spread around fifteen locations along the Ecuadorian coast. These include people of diverse backgrounds, professionals in different fields, people connected to the church, the Society of Jesus, technology experts , promotion and sales professionals, community advocates, skilled workers, young people as interns, volunteers and voluntary work, etc.

From this diversity arises optimum performance in various Hogar de Cristo locations and a rich exchange of ideas, visions and knowledge. Heterogeneity was transformed into a value that we seek within our organization, requesting meetings so that this diversity can be taken advantage of.

Human Resources Management:

To manage all matters relating to human resources, Hogar de Cristo has a Human Talent Process, which seeks to meet the diverse needs that arise in this area, considering aspects of comprehensive education, recreation and welfare. To achieve this we employ tools such as motivational techniques, salary surveys, improved working environment through teamwork, spiritual accompaniment, optional application to various benefits and services, etc.

Human Resources Policies:

Our Human Resources policies are periodically addressed and updated based on organizational needs and changes in context. These policies, rather than being rigid regulatory structures are frameworks for the care of our employees.

Integration Activities:

To foster a better working environment, Hogar de Cristo promotes some annual instances of integration between our personnel and their families while always being careful to stay within their budgetary possibilities. Some examples are watching the Olympics, celebration of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and New Years, Easter Coexistence, and motivation workshops.

Gender Equality:

In relation to the characteristics of Human Resources, we are pleased to have gender parity, the product of a policy of fairness. Note also that we have a high number of staff with permanent contracts, a fact that indicates our concern to provide stable jobs and all the social guarantees promoted by the law.


About Hogar de Cristo - Ecuador

Cuenta manejada por el departamento de Comunicaciones de Hogar de Cristo, Ecuador.
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