Partnerships and Interest Groups

Hogar de Cristo is not an isolated institution in the struggle for a just and humane society. There are hundreds of smaller and larger institutions that day by day paddle towards this goal.

Moreover we have the conviction that we are not experts and pioneers in everything we do and we need a collaborative and synergistic effort to achieve a greater impact.

Therefore we have always sought partnerships with other institutions to join forces and expand the network of opportunities for our members.

Some of the partnerships we currently maintain according to our different areas of work are:


Health Ministry:

Provides vaccines for children under four years, pregnant women, adolescents, as well as tetanus and yellow fever vaccines.

HdC forms part of the “Integrated Surveillance and National Food System” and the “National Food and Nutrition Program.”

College of Psychology – Universidad de Guayaquil:

Free psychological assistance to our members

Society Against Cancer (SOLCA):

Advice in carrying out medical teams and making tests to identify cancer.

University Hospital of Guayaquil:

Discount to members who need specialized treatment. Making tests and general advice.

VIHDA Foundation:

Offers rapid testing for HIV and training for health volunteers.

Network of Medical Clinics of the Archdiocese:

Support in terms of congregational training


Corporate Social Responsibility Agreement with the Rio Guayas Rotary Club:

Creation of the Family Solidarity Housing Project which aims to restore the right to decent housing to the poorest families in the Ecuadorian coast and improve their living conditions, thus putting into practice Corporate Social Responsibility.

Social Housing Contract – CSV:

Collective composition of social organizations, NGOs, research institutions, microfinance institutions, private developers of affordable housing and individuals whose career has been in affordable housing, and whose common goal is to influence the construction of public housing policy and habitat.

Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, Universidad Católica of Guayaquil and Hogar de Cristo:

Inter-university training project of excellence to facilitate knowledge transfer and postgraduate teaching in basic habitability, encouraging the creation of a UNESCO Chair “Basic Habitability” in the Catholic University of Guayaquil.


Nueva Prosperina Community Development Network:

Creates coordination mechanisms of products and services in the northwest Guayaquil Perimeter.

Graneen Network:

Worldwide social finance associations that provide credit to women in poverty and vulnerability with a focus on development.

Education and Formation

Provincial Directorate of Education:

Shared partnership for the operation of the Hogar de Cristo Compensatory School.

Allocation of items to schools west of the Guayaquil perimeter that support Hogar de Cristo.

Guayaquil Municipality:

Convention for work in schools in the area northwest of Guayaquil.
Providing resources and advice.

Ecuadorian Training Service (SECAP):

Delivery of skills training courses to our members.
Possibility of establishing a permanent training center in partnership with SECAP in our dependencies

International Plan:

Training of volunteers in terms of health and advice, among others.

Fe y Alegría:

Jesuit organization that offers free education to children who come to the Casa de Acodiga (guesthouse)


Pastoral of Women of the Congregation of Guayaquil:

Support the organization of certain groups of women trained in the perimeter communities.

Vulnerability and Exclusion

National Network of Shelters:

Cooperation and exchange of experience.
Strengthening of agreements, alliances and agreements.

Institute for Children and Families (INFA):
Collaboration with House of Welcome in cases requiring special protection.


About Hogar de Cristo - Ecuador

Cuenta manejada por el departamento de Comunicaciones de Hogar de Cristo, Ecuador.
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