Through the Eyes of the Interns…

Hey everyone!

It’s been about six weeks since Josh and I started interning here at Hogar de Cristo and we have a lot to tell you about.  We are mainly working in the communications office and have been doing a bunch of cool things.  We started off working mainly on translating the memoriam from Spanish to English.  The intern who was here before us did a big chunk of it (which you can see posted on the blog below), and we continued with what she had started.  It has also been fun to update the facebook page with photos and information about some of the events that have been happening in and around Hogar de Cristo the past few weeks.  They have had a few house-building events on the weekend with volunteers from all over the city putting up houses in some of the poorest regions.  There was also an education fair in the Monte Sinaí location of Hogar de Cristo; we weren’t able to attend the event because of our class schedule, but it was fun to see the pictures and hear about it once it was over.

The most recent update has been about a donation of a “mechanical cow” to Hogar de Cristo from Guayaquil’s Rotary Club.  This “cow” will help HdC be able to produce more soy milk which they sell, and also give to children as part of the school breakfast program.  After this presentation we were able to go to the Monte Sinaí location of HdC.  We had heard a lot about this place and even seen pictures, but pictures couldn’t compare to what we saw.  It really opened our eyes to what many parts of Ecuador are really like outside of our Samborondón bubble.  To see real poverty and struggles first-hand was difficult, but to see people working together to solve these tough problems gave us hope.  The HdC facility in Monte Sinaí was a refuge for individuals to go where they would be given the tools to improve their lives.  The thing that especially impressed us was seeing the micro-credit banks.  Groups of 10-12 women meet every week to help each other payback business loans, some of the groups have been together for 5 years and have successfully received and paid back loans totalling over $10,000.

Hogar de Cristo is always doing cool and exciting things in the community, and it feels good to be doing an internship at a place that is truly helping the people of Guayaquil.  Currently we are searching the internet for companies in the US who might be willing to give funding/grants to support some of Hogar de Cristo’s projects.  It is tedious work, but hopefully will pay off!  If you know of any company that makes international donations please don’t hesitate to let us know! So far our time at Hogar de Cristo has been very enriching and we have learned a lot about what this organization stands for and it’s mission to help the poorest sectors of Guayaquil.

If you want to see the pictures from these events, check out our facebook page!

Signing out,

Josh and Megan


About Hogar de Cristo - Ecuador

Cuenta manejada por el departamento de Comunicaciones de Hogar de Cristo, Ecuador.
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