Home is where the heart is

In late 2012, the headquarters of Hogar de Cristo changed residence. Previously located in the Cdla. Atarazana, at north of Guayaquil, we moved to Cooperativa Sergio Toral, at northwest of the city, in an area where basic services are lacking.

Many will wonder why …

The area where we are located is at the limits of Guayaquil city and just a few meters further is an area known as “Monte Sinaí” (Mount Sinai). Here live around 274,000 people*, under conditions of poverty and extreme poverty; besides there basic services such as water, garbage collection, electricity, sewer, paved streets are lacking… It is precisely because we work with, from and for the poor that we decided to locate here, with them, where is our reason for being, our heart.

Una ciudad fuera de la ciudad...

A city inside another city…

Last April 20th was the official presentation of our new facility, where we have:

  • Prefabricated housing fabric
  • Clay Factory Filters
  • Aquaculture and Agriculture Social School
  • Trainig and Education workshops
  • Classrooms of Knowledge (Advanced technology Classrooms)
  • Offices of our projects, programs and processes
  • Administration dffices

Furthermore, in other locations we serve with:

  • Shelter Home Hogar de Nazareth (for woman that suffer domestic violence)
  • Soy milk fabric ‘Mechanical Cow’
  • 5 health centers
  • Offices across the coast of Ecuador

It is here, in the heartbeat of Hogar de Cristo, where we develop programs and projects, including:

  • Social housing and habitat: sale of temporary and permanent homes for people in need.
  • Popular and solidarity economy: facilitating microloans and creating communal banks
  • Education and Training: to microloan beneficiaries
  • Nutrition program: School breakfast for children
  • Family health: open attention at our health centers
  • Community Organization: empowering communities
  • Aquaculture and Agriculture Social School: training for social entrepeneur projects
  • Pastoral Accompaniment to communities
  • Volunteering: Agreements with foreign and domestic institutions for long-term and short days of volunteer work.
  • Women Shelter: Support for women suffering from domestic violence
  • Development of several projects

We encourage you to check out our website for more information: http://www.hogardecristo.org.ec

* Reference given by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Pedro Jaramillo, on the Tv and Radio program Enlace Ciudadano 282, at day July 28, 2012 (Ibarra, Imbabura).

About Hogar de Cristo - Ecuador

Cuenta manejada por el departamento de Comunicaciones de Hogar de Cristo, Ecuador.
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